Briefing and Recap: Julissa Soto’s Engaging Paris Tour

Renowned public health expert Julissa Soto continues her influential European tour with a series of impactful engagements in Paris. Her Paris tour is centered around addressing global infectious diseases and fostering international collaboration.

Julissa Soto

6/21/20241 min read

Briefing and Recap: Julissa Soto at the 16th Euro-Global Conference on Infectious Diseases

This Thursday marked the beginning of Julissa Soto’s influential European tour aimed at addressing global infectious diseases. She commenced her tour with a powerful keynote address at the 16th Euro-Global Conference on Infectious Diseases, held in Rome, Italy. This significant event focused on "Global Strategies for Combating Infectious Diseases: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment."

Julissa shared the stage with distinguished speakers from over 20 different countries, including Canada, Italy, Hungary, and Israel, showcasing the diverse and international nature of the conference. Among the notable attendees was Shir Porat-Butman from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, a courageous woman who also presented at the conference and made a remarkable impression on the attendees.

Keynote Address:

Julissa’s keynote, titled "The Power of Cultural Validation: A Global Strategy for Combating Infectious Diseases," was a highlight of the day. In her address, she emphasized the importance of acknowledging and integrating cultural contexts to enhance the effectiveness of infectious disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment worldwide. Her insights were well-received and sparked lively discussions among the audience.

Meetings and Collaborations:

In addition to her keynote, Julissa engaged in fruitful discussions with various international experts. Meeting Shir Porat-Butman was particularly inspiring, as they exchanged ideas and discussed potential collaborations to further advance public health initiatives.

Julissa’s participation at the 16th Euro-Global Conference on Infectious Diseases not only highlighted her expertise but also reinforced the importance of cultural validation in global health strategies. This day set a promising tone for her European tour, with more engagements and impactful discussions to follow in the coming days.

Stay tuned for further updates as Julissa continues her journey through Europe, fostering global collaboration and sharing her invaluable insights on public health